5 Responses to Birdwords Update – March

  1. Margaret Holmes says:

    The Belarus trip next year sounds good. Would you put me down as expressing an interest at this point? Many thanks.

  2. jenny garson says:

    Bill & I would still be interested in Belarus next year, glad you put the dates in!
    Good to see you the other week at Barnes & nice to have another book to read!
    Keep us posted with progress re Belarus, how many would you need in a group?

  3. Pat Shepherd says:

    Dear Dominic
    Joan and I are interested inthe trip to Belarus next spring.I love your new book
    Looking out for my local patch!!! But early morning are out!!

  4. Mitch Cutts says:

    Your writing as usual is second to none entertaining and informative fantastic stuff.

    I was very interesteg to read about The Burgh . I used to live in East Sussex and made trips to WWT Arendul, Pagham Harbour, Pulborough Brooks and others in the West but this sounds like a real gem of a venue. I will take a peek next time I am visiting good old blighty.

    All the best Mitch

    Norways biggest fan

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