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Just in case you haven’t yet been tempted to buy a copy of “A Patch Made in Heaven”, here are a couple of extracts from reviews (it was well worth the tenner I sent each of them).

“A Patch Made in Heaven is…a handy pick-up-and-put-down book. But that’s unlikely. I became thoroughly swept up in it – not because of what it taught me about his patch but what it taught me about mine. …It’s also one of those extremely rare beasts in the nature writing canon: it’s bloody funny.” Daniel Neilson, The Great Outdoors

“… a beautifully written account, with an engaging conversational style, an eye for detail and a telling use of similes that comes from being an acute observer of nature. Couzens’ inspirational diary…provides powerful reasons for rejecting the temptation to join the wildlife tourists and instead invest more time in exploring nature close to home.” Phil Gates, Countryfile magazine

“… an enjoyable, easy read that educates almost by stealth.” Dorset Wildlife Trust magazine.

“A small section…tells the average reader more about moths in one paragraph than he or she may have picked up in their whole life… A passage on the thankless perils of trying to disentangle a swan from a blackthorn hedge is wonderfully dryly recalled…” Dorset Life magazine

“A book made in heaven is my verdict” ┬áSunday Express

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