Wren Troglodytes troglodytes (Family Troglodytidae)



Habitat Undergrowth, woods, gardens, also moors and cliffs.
Food Small invertebrates, especially beetles.
Movements Mainly resident.
Voice Usual call is irritable “tek, tek!”. Song is sweet, long and vehement phrase.
Pairing style Monogamous, but occasional bigamy by males.
Nesting Solitary and territorial.
Nest A dome of moss, grass and leaves placed in a hollow.
Productivity 1-2 broods a year.
Eggs Usually 5-8.
Incubation 16 days, by female alone.
Parenting style Young fed and tended by female with variable help from male.
Young Nest-bound, altricial and downy.
Food to young Small insects, with fewer beetles than in adult diet.
Leaving nest Young leave nest at 14-19 days, but may be looked after for another 18.
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