Have Wings, Will Travel – The Story of Bird Migration

Blackcap (Dave Kjaer)Migration has fascinated people for centuries. That’s long enough, indeed, not only to spawn a simply enormous amount of research on the subject, but also to allow some pretty hefty misconceptions to have crept in. For example, do you think migration is dangerous? It isn’t. And when you think of migration, you probably have a concept of some impressive transcontinental marathon – yet most migratory journeys are really quite short.

There is much about migration that isn’t yet explained. For example, how does a pigeon that has been transported to Germany, say, find its way back to a loft in Britain? Barnacle Geese (Dave Kjaer)Guess what, nobody knows. And while the scientists have worked out where Swallows go in our winter, the whereabouts of many millions of our wintering House Martins still remains a mystery.

Everybody should find something of interest in this unusual and slightly quirky beginner’s guide to the marvel of bird migration. It’s full of facts, surprises, marvels and the odd bit of humour, and has for long been one of my most popular lectures.

Number of images: 78
Type: Powerpoint
Duration: 60-120min
Audience: General, birdwatchers

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