Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)


Uncommon spring migrant; has bred.

All records:
1. 1 seen on 17th April 2004.
2. Heard on 2nd and 3rd May 2004.
3. Heard on 17th May 2004.
4. Heard on 1st May 2005.
5. 1 heard on 4th May 2006, and then 2 seen in the southern section on 5th May 2006.
6. 1 heard on 27th-28th April 2007
7. 1 heard 3rd-5th May 2007
8. 1 heard from 23rd to 30th April 2008.
9. 1 on 13th June 2008, over West Fields.
10. 1 heard 25th April to 28th May 2009.
11. 1 heard on 17th June 2009.
12. 1 heard on 25th April 2010 and 1 on 28th (S and N. Wall).
13. 1 heard on 8th May 2010 (Chris Parnell).
14. 1 present 12th-19th May 2010.

2011: 1 22nd and 23rd April (Trevor Thorpe); 1 on 25th April (Malcolm Ovens), 27th April, 29th-30th April, 1 3rd-6th May; apparently at least 2 on 19th May (Chris Parnell) and 22nd May (Ben Chapple).
2012: 12th May, 13th May, 19th May. 1 JUVENILE on 12th August near the Study Centre was the first of this age group on site (Lorne Bissell, Steve Smith). This, or a different bird, seen on 21st August (Lorne Bissell and Dave Cooke).
2013: 1 on 14th April (Robin Trundle), 1 on 7th May, 8th May, 2 on 10th May, 1 on 18th May. 1 singing on the evening of 9th June (breeding?). 2 chasing each other on 12th July (LB).
2014: 1 on 22nd April (Ian Ballam), 1 heard on 5th May (George Green), 1 heard on 7th May (DC), 14th May, and 26th May (DC), 1 over the Settling Marsh on 8th August (Roger Peart).
2015: 1 on 22nd April, then 1 on 24th and 1 on 8th May.
2016: 1 on 13th May and 16th May. During the breeding bird survey one male was heard regularly singing along the River Stour adjacent to Samuel’s Wood. On the 19th May, a female was observed on the west side of Samuel’s Wood searching for nests to parasitize (Steve Morrison). Then 1 on 11th June (Roger Peart) and another on 24th June.

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