Greater Scaup (Aythya marila)


Rare winter visitor.

1. 1 male on Longham Reservoir North, 27th December 2008 (Trevor Thorpe).
2. 1 first winter male on Longham Reservoir South, 3rd December 2011 (George Green, Shaun Robson). Also seen 8th December. It then disappeared until 29th December 2011 and remained on-site until 25th February 2012..

Greater Scaup (Alan Pearce)

Greater Scaup, Longham Lakes, 21st January 2012 (Alan Pearce)









3. 1 immature male on 18th-19th February 2014 (Steve Smith, George Green).
4. 1 first-year female was located in the diving duck flock on Longham Reservoir North on 3rd January 2015 (Dominic Couzens). It found the site much to its liking and remained well into the breeding season, even pairing up and mating with one of the resident Tufted Ducks. It was last seen on 17th May.

Scaup, female

Scaup, female, Longham Lakes, 15/4/15 (Trevor Wilkinson)

5. 1 female on 21st July 2016 (possibly same as above).

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