House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)


Common resident. Occurs permanently on the suburban edges of the site and in the Waterworks.
There are at least 2 colonies:
a. 1 by the houses along Ringwood Road, north of the East Fields.
b. 1 just north of the main waterworks entrance.

There may also be a small colony along Green Lane.

Female seen with nesting material, 13th April 2007 (TT).
Juvenile seen on 1st September 2004 (confirmed breeding).
2016: At least 4 nesting pairs were present in buildings in the south‐east of the site. This is likely under‐representative of the true breeding population which may lie between 5 and 10 pairs. One pair was noted nesting in a disused House Martin nest (Steve Morrison).

Higher counts:
1. 10 on 28th July 2004.
2. 5 on 15th September 2004.
3. 12 dust bathing on Green Lane, 28 September 2007 (TT).
4. 8 by the Waterworks on 13th February 2009.
5. 8 by the Waterworks on 17th March 2010.
6. 23 in Colony b. on 17th January 2011 (and 2 in a.).
7. 11 around the Lakes on 29th December 2014 (Trevor Wilkinson).

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