Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)


Abundant resident, breeding nearby.

Members of a colony visit the surrounding fields, but seldom are they properly counted.

High counts:
18 on 11th November 2004.
70 on 1st December 2004 (more indicative of usual numbers).
37 on 4th February 2007.
Mixed flock of 200 Jackdaws and Rooks on 19th September 2010 (Trevor Thorpe).
37 over on 30th October 2014.
20 on 2nd August 2016 (Trevor Wilkinson).

Pairs holding territory in Samuel’s Wood, March 2010.
6 pairs estimated in Samuel’s Wood, 20 April 2012; 25 in Samuel’s Wood on 19th September.
2014: Colony in Samuel’s Wood still present, numbers not counted.
2015: Present in breeding season in Samuel’s Wood, not counted.
2016: At least two pairs were present in Samuel’s Wood and one nest was located in a dead tree in Emily’s Wood (Steve Morrison).

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