Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)


Regular summer visitor. Breeds in suitable habitat along River Stour and in the reedbeds by the reservoirs.

Earliest: 1 on 6th April 2011
Latest: 1 on 16th September 2009.

2011: 6th April, (last 10th September)
2012: 20th April (last 13th September)
2013: 17th April (4) (last 12th August).
2014: 12th April.
2015: 9th April.
2016: 16th April to 28th September.

2011: 117 ringed between 27th April and 20th September, with 20 on 27th July (Roger Peart).
2012: 115 ringed between May and October, with 35 in July.
2013: 116 ringed between 7th May and 30th September, with 18 on 10th July.
2014: 70 ringed, with 24 in both July and August.

T618971, ringed at Titchfield Haven, Hampshire on 26th July 2009 was controlled at Longham on 27th May 2011 (47km W, 1 year and 305 days later).
Y537203, ringed at Cardiff Wetlands Reserve on 12th September 2012 was controlled at Longham on 14th June 2013 (116km SE, 275 days later).
Y449334, ringed at Fleets Corner, Poole, Dorset was controlled at Longham on 28th September 2013 (7km ENE, 38 days later).

1 pair held territory in the silt lagoon in 2008.
1 juvenile on 5th July 2009 (Trevor Thorpe).
At least 10 singing males, 2010.
2011: Estimated 34 pairs in ringing area alone.
4 singing from lakeside reedbeds on 14th April then 5 singers just by LR North on 17th April 2011 (Trevor Thorpe).
2012: A nest with four young found in the ringing area found in May, all hatched by June 6th.

Reed Warbler nest (Roger Peart)

Reed Warbler nest, Longham Lakes, 23 May 2012 (Roger Peart)


Reed Warbler nest and young (Roger Peart)

Reed Warbler nest (same as above) and young, Longham Lakes, 4th June 2012 (Roger Peart)

2016: 28 territories were located mainly along the lake margins of both reservoirs with smaller
numbers located in limited reedbed areas along the River Stour (Steve Morrison).

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