Rail Delight as Teal Leaves

The Longham Lakes Blue-winged Teal appears to have gone. It was last reported on 13th December. Bon voyage to a bird that gave great delight.

Sunday 18th December
Philip Horobin says: “It was a beautiful afternoon at Longham today. I parked the scope by the NW corner of the Southern lake to have a look at a couple of Shovelers, in case they were the ones the BWT has adopted, but no such luck, and discovered a Water Rail feeding on the bank there. It was just where I saw him before. There are some rocks there held in position by netting. I watched him for over ten minutes, until I got too cold to hang around longer. He was totally unconcerned by my presence and seemed very happy there. I suspect he is a resident. I have spent many hours at Blashford looking for one and then only got a very interrupted, partial view.

“There were six Shovelers in total but all unaccompanied. The Stonechats on the other side of the lake seem to welcome company and, yet again, came out to watch me walk by. There were two Black-tailed Godwits on the island.

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2 Responses to Rail Delight as Teal Leaves

  1. Chris Parnell says:

    Philip, I’ve seen that self ame water rail too and it gave me great joy to finally see one at Longham lake. Good to know it’s still obliging with views.


  2. Chris Parnell says:

    Blue winged teal back and present on Tuesday December 27, near the island. With a male shoveler moving into adult plumage.

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