The Year 2011 at Longham Lakes

The year 2011 has been spectacular for Longham Lakes.

132 species were recorded in all, including several new for the site: Bittern, Grey Plover, Ortolan Bunting, Wood Warbler, Arctic Tern, Marsh Harrier and Blue-winged Teal, bringing the total number recorded to 159. There was also a fine Blue-headed Wagtail. Good birds previously recorded but also turning up this year included Brent Goose, Red Kite, Bewick’s Swan, Woodcock, Jack Snipe, Hawfinch, Garganey, Little Gull, Merlin, Osprey and Redpoll. On the down side, there were no records at all of Spotted Flycatcher, which has been regular in previous years.

Several species reached record numbers, perhaps the most eye-catching being 6 Smew on Longham Reservoir South together. But both Little and Great Crested Grebes, as well as Shoveler and Coot, also did well.

All this proves what excellent potential this site has. It needs more watching, especially by somebody with time on their hands to be a little obsessive and be prepared to visit at all hours of the day.

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6 Responses to The Year 2011 at Longham Lakes

  1. Chris Parnell says:


  2. Owlet says:

    You should add the Ferruginous Duck to your list as it was genuine. It eventually arrived on Ivy Lake, Blashford where its authenticity was verified.
    It was all in the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Dominic says:

      Hi Owlet,
      At least one observer of both ducks thinks the Blashford bird is different to the Longham bird.
      I didn’t see either so can’t comment – but it’s one I will look into.

  3. Pat & Dave says:

    The Ferruginous Duck should be added to your list. It finally turned up at Blashford where it was confirmed ast genuine.

    The eyes have it!

  4. Pat & Dave says:

    Collins Bird Guide 2nd edition – only male Ferruginous Duck has white eyes. Their statement, not mine.
    This duck had piercingly/beady white eyes.

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