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A Patch Made in Heaven (cover)My Latest Book “A Patch Made in Heaven” is now out!

This is my first book about birdwatching, as opposed just to birds. It is an offbeat account of a year spent watching wildlife on a single small parcel of land in southern England, detailing the delights, frustrations and discoveries that go with watching a “patch” – emotions that are understood by all “patch-watchers” everywhere.
Written in wryly humorous diary format, it rides the rollercoaster of the birding year, from the highs of finding something truly special to the lows of slogging around for hours and seeing nothing. Some days there is delight in witnessing the imperious courtship of peregrine falcons, while other days there is the horror or witnessing birds flying in a blizzard to certain death. All life occurs on all patches in Britain, and this book is a celebration of the wildlife dramas close at hand.
From mobile-phone-using dog walkers to semi-comatose anglers, and from professional eel-catchers to passionate moth-lovers, the human inhabitants aren’t ignored. And for general wildlife enthusaists there are accounts of foxes, otters, dragonflies, butterflies and many more.

Ideal for spring and summer reading!

Currently available from me (signed) at just £12.99 + £2 postage. If you are interested contact me here for more details.
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One Response to Out This Month

  1. Peter says:

    I popped down to Longham Lakes and had a wander around,a very nice area with quite a bit of wildlife in the lake..some were a bit of a long way off..ok for birders with their nice scopes but not so good for us photogrpahers..:-)

    I was told about hte lake by Aidan whom I met at Arne..I enjoyed my walk and got a few nice photographs..Parking was a bit awkward but I believe its all to do with the council..pity there isnt a hide to sit in as some of the birds might come a bit closer if people were hidden a little bit perhaps..

    I am sure I will return again later in the year when the weather is warmer and the birds have mated to see whats around..

    A great blog and very helpfull to me, a big thanks from me..


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