Happy Family Tale

Reed Warbler nest (Roger Peart)

Reed Warbler nest, Longham Lakes, May 2012 (Roger Peart)

Here’s an uplifting tale of a successfully fledging Reed Warbler. Its story began for us on May 25th when it was discovered as an egg in a nest, one of four in the clutch overall…



It soon hatched…

Reed Warbler nest and young (Roger Peart)

Reed Warbler nest and young, Longham Lakes, 4th June 2012 (Roger Peart)









And a few weeks later it turned up in the nets as a juvenile, fully fledged, along with two of its three siblings. In a couple of weeks it will begin to prepare for its migration to Tropical Africa. We wish it well.

Reed Warbler (juvenile), Roger Peart

Reed Warbler (juvenile), Longham Lakes, June 27 2012 (Roger Peart)

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One Response to Happy Family Tale

  1. Malcolm Barrett says:

    Hi-great website which led me to do some birding at Longham in the summer and to read Dominic’s interesting book. I have not seen recorded anywhere any records of nightjar.I realise they probably have been seen but just in case-I recorded 3 on three separate evenings (all in air at same time at about 9.40 each night in far corner of the smaller lake.Spent much of their time hawking over lake margins and reeds feeding on moths. 2 male and 1 female.
    All the best.

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